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Electric charging stations in homes must meet new Government rules

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August 27, 2021
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Electric cars are increasingly becoming more and more popular on UK roads with some claiming there are nearly one million electric and plug in hybrids.

While owning an electric car is beneficial to the environment it can be hard to justify buying one, due to the cost of the vehicle itself and if you live in a remote area with little to no charging stations nearby.

This has led to many electric car owners paying to have a charging point installed into their home so they can easily charge their car overnight and avoid the queues at communal points.

However Transport Secretary Grant Shapps has confirmed there will be new legislation to ensure your home charging station meets ‘smart charging standards’ and has even announced motorists could save money on their energy bills.

Shapps confirmed the plans by announcing: “We are publishing the government’s response to the electric vehicle smart charging consultation.

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“The response commits to laying legislation later this year to ensure that all private EV charge points meet smart charging standards.

“The transition to EVs is central to the government’s net-zero commitment, but will also increase demand on the electricity system. Smart charging can help mitigate these impacts.

“This legislation will play an important role in driving the uptake of smart technology, which can save consumers money on their energy bills.”

So what does this all mean for charging points?

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The government’s plan may ensure drivers are charged more money for charging their vehicle at certain times of the day – much like train and bus tickets, there could be a ‘peak time’. For example motorists could be charged more money for charging their car from 5-7pm during rush hour traffic.

The Government has defined smart charging as shifting the time of day when an EV is being topped up.

Charging stations will modulate the rate of charge at different times in response to electricity tariff information.

Drivers could therefore access cheaper electricity tariffs or rewards for charging at less popular hours such as in the middle of the day.

It remains unclear as to whether homeowners with a charging point at their property would be charged more. However logic dictates that you are best served to charge your vehicle at night ahead of your morning commute and should not be left plugged in while you’re asleep.

How do I get an EV charging station?

If you have off-street parking such as a driveway or a garage you are able to install an EV charging point at your home as long as you follow these steps.

First make sure you have permission to install a charging point at your home. In most cases you will not require planning permission from your local council, but it’s always best to check with them if that’s the case. As long as the charging point does not exceed 0.2 cubic metres,   face onto and be within two metres of a motorway, or your property is a listed building, you should be able to get permission.

If you are in a conservation area, and your charging point will be visible to the public, you may need to seek planning permission. If you have a front garden and want to create an off-street charging space for yourself, you need to request planning permission for a dropped kerb.

When purchasing your electric vehicle it is best to check with the manufacturer which type of charging point they’d recommend for your home.

Installation can take around three hours to complete. It involves wall mounting the charging point on an exterior wall or garage and connecting it to the mains electricity supply.

Can I install my EV charging point myself?

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The simple answer is no. Like any other mainline electrical work you should always hire an experienced professional and certified installer of EV points. While this will come at a cost, it is better in the long run to ensure it is installed correctly and safely and to comply with the warranty regulations.

How much will it cost to insure a used EV?

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