Bikers – Are You a Mod or a Rocker?

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It’s one of the great British cultural weirdnesses that such things exist in the first place.

But, if the world can still be split into those with a penchant for a quiff, heavy English iron and leather – and those with a taste for short cropped styles, skirted Roman scooters and suede – then this accidentally stumbled upon pairing illustrates the dichotomy perfectly.

Lee Enfield versus Vespa maybe as close as you’ll ever get to opposing aesthetics in the world of two wheels. Which ever turns you on the most will tip your choice to its respective side – but if you’re still unsure, check the handy newspaper piece below.

Either way, Happy Friday. See you at the beachfront in Brighton.




One Response to “Bikers – Are You a Mod or a Rocker?”

  1. macbristol

    hell no i am no euro weed, gimme some grease any day!