Royal Enfield: handmade culture


Whatever you feel about retro culture in general – and the various obsessions car and bike heads have about all things vintage, you have to admire the craftsmanship represented in this video.

It’s evident that not all Royal Enfield production bikes have hand painted tank and trim: but this Indian craftsman has a mind-blowing steadiness of hand.

For us it makes sense to go retro if the simplicity and lo-tech embedded in these bikes would mean low maintenance costs and increased reliability.

We’re not sure if this is the case, but MCN certainly seemed to like the Caffish Royal Enfield Clubman (above).

But these practicalities aside, if you knew that this sort of love and care went into every part of your new bike, you’d be tempted to trade, wouldn’t you?


6 Responses to “Royal Enfield: handmade culture”

  1. Rexwebb

    Makes it lok so Simple ? Hope he can pain as good for his wife at home ?.

  2. Very skilled work, he makes it look easy. As somebody who used to sell them I would say it’s a shame the same level of craftsmanship doesn’t extend to the rest of the bike where quality control is somewhat lacking. Don’t expect these to be constructed to the standards you would get from any other manufacturer….. they aren’t. They are a somewhat crude machine, I would say the expectations regarding quality for consumers in their home Indian market is somewhat different to the expectations of European consumers. Don’t buy this expecting Japanese or Triumph levels of quality.

  3. Johnflyfish

    Real craftsmanship, no robot built bikes here. A lot of rubbish talked about them, found mine reliable if serviced correctly but without the high dealer only servicing costs and abbove all great fun to ride. All of my pals enjoy riding mine but stick to their Harleys and sports bikes for the poser factor and all the badges and bling that goes with them. 

  4. Things have changed atRoyal Enfield ! (also lovingly referred to by Indians as the ‘BULLET’ )

    The bikes are of a higher and better quality now. Although the retro looks are retained, the new bikes have push button start and the foot brake are at the right hand side, unlike before.

    Forget the problems of yore. The last few years have seen a surge in better craftsmanship, quality and drivability !

    Next timel you are in India, try the new models! Not thevrenovated or refurbished ones to ‘make up your mind’


    – a proud owner of a ‘lightning 535cc 2000 erg and an original yellow Taurus 350cc 1998 reg’

  5. Mind you, remember the old REs – full flow, total loss, external oil cooling? You don’t have to put a bucket under the Indian ones to catch the gushes! They must have done something right.