Car Loathe: Scion ‘Skate Tourer’


In an unholy alliance of the worlds of skateboarding, heavy rock and the motoring industry, generation Y exploiting Toyota US-focussed sub brand Scion has produced a one of special of this…thing. It’s built for Riley Hawk – son of skate mogul Tony – and is a supreme piece of automotive exploitation.


We suppose in time it may earn some sort of kitsch value but at the moment it’s making our blood boil.

What gets us about these sorts of cars is that it’s a prime of example of Big Evil Corporations trying to get down with the kids.

It’s the automotive equivalent of an overweight middle aged uncle donning funky trainers and skinny jeans and trying to do the funky chicken down the local club.

The fact that it references the custom van culture of the 1970s (in its paintjob at least) only makes it worse.

You probably wouldn’t even think of buying one. But don’t anyway.