Talbot Lotus sunbeam Time Warp


It sounds like a piece of Hawking-like speculative theorising.

When can it be possible to drive a brand new car that is actually over 30 years old?

Well now actually Steve, and it’s got nothing to do with string theory or the intervention of a mischievous Q.

In fact it’s a possibility open to anyone, with enough money and a driving license, by purchasing this mint condition Talbot Lotus Sunbeam. Although it was built in 1980 it has never been registered and has only 193 miles on the clock. Every aspect of this early hot hatch is factory standard and unmodified, it is in effect a brand new car straight off the line.

The Lotus-Sunbeam was created as a homolgation model when Chrysler approached Lotus to produce a car for group 4 Rally. The road model was popular in the 70s and early 80s even though it was a pricier beast than it’s classmates the RS 2000 or Chevette HS.

So if you’re up for a bit of time travel and don’t mind a left hand drive model check out the Silverstone Auctions on the link below.