Citroen CX Safari


It was with a little wince of longing that over the weekend we spotted this pathos-ridden graveyard of Citroen’s CX Safari, huddling on a Bristol hillside.

We’ve long lusted after one of these – probably one of the ultimate elegant utilitarian vehicles it would be possible to own. We’ve always been put off by the notoriously dodgy electrics in old Citroens – but that doesn’t stop us admiring the rakishly extravagant lines.

If the DS was a modernist talisman that defined the upper reaches of French car culture, the CX rolled out the modernist design to the rank and file : and a Safari once owned by Prince Rainier of Monaco now sits ready to add to the garage.

Yes, this was a truly aristocratic wanderer amongst us. Lets hope these wrecks are merely donors and that somewhere the mother ship sits pristine in its hallowed quarters.