Citroen Camargue Concept


Bertone's GS-based debut Citroen concept collab

Citroen’s 1972 Concept was about as typical as it got for the period.

All the signature Bertone touches of the era are there – the sloping surfaces, flattened perspectives. There are louvred vents on the rear pillars. There is the minimalist wheel with and the stepped interior stitching.

Based on the workaday stylist that is the Citroen GS – the Camargue concept eventually rolled out into production as the BX – which, we think, is looking better and better as the world turns deeper into the 21st Century.

The BX was the first production collaboration between the two firms, and you can see how its retro-futuristic lines represent the creative apogee of Citroen.



One Response to “Citroen Camargue Concept”

  1. Martin Egan

    The GS was the last true rendition of French automotive genius.
    The BX was a dilution of this.
    I was a member of the Citroen Car Club for some 20 years but have never seen or heard of the ‘Camargue’.