Cool Cat: Winter Transport on Steroids



OK, so the snow is causing chaos all over the nation and even the most curmudgeonly of time-and motion obsessed bosses has to concede it might be time to close up shop for a day of sledging and hot chocolate at home.

But if the return of the great British winter is to be an ongoing trend, then it might be worth advising local authorities and providers of essential services to be a little better prepared in their choice of vehicles in the coming years.

For any of you out there who missed this the first time around and are frustrated with spending time at home chained to the ankle-biters and the computer screen – think of what you could do with Ken Block’s Subaru STi Snowcat – not to mention your local ambulance service.


2 Responses to “Cool Cat: Winter Transport on Steroids”

  1. hi kewl equipment is that an attachment that you just take your wheels of and place the track units in there place?…

  2. Stereoids

    that car looks soo cool, dread to think how the handling and 0-100 has fallen though.