LP570-4 Super Veloce

A New Lambo Super Veloce?


Lamborghini Super Veloce

We don’t usually go in for adding speculation to the gargantuan gallery of whispers that is the global car industry, but having spotted these apparently leaked images of a new lightweight Lambo, we had to share. And the black and white palette of the car of course looks wonderful in the Influx layout.

If these leaked images, (which came via an obscure Romanian website and Jalopnik) are not pure fantasty, the Gallardo LP570-4 Super Veloce will probably get even more power and will drop even more weight than the LP560-4. That probably means (duh) close to 570 HP in an extremely svelte setup with (double-duh) four wheel drive.

Apparently the veil will drop properly when the LP570 is unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show later this year.

Wether or not there’s a market for yet another stripped-down raging bull, there’ll be a legion of devotees eagerly awaiting those first road tests. Stick us down for one Ms Lamborghini.

LP570-4 Super Veloce