David Aldana Performs in England

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If like us, the greasy peripheries of UK bike culture appeals to you, you’re probably already aware of Sideburn magazine. Influx collaborator Gary Inman is one of the highly focussed folk who bring together this beautiful missive from the margins.

Flat track racing is one of the reasons Sideburn exists. It’s a scene populated by riders committed to going fast and turning left on cinder tracks — very often on beautiful, customised bikes. Sideburn has championed flat track and has been responsible for more than a few people seeking to strip down old motorcycles into street-going versions of flat track machines — with the wide barred, low slung flat track profile.

pics via Sideburn Blog

I know this because I am one of them. There’s just something about that low slung stance that reminds me of why I ever wanted to ride motorbikes in the first place. It’s difficult to define but there’s something about these machines that stirs the soul.

Anyway, this Thursday (5th May) the folks from Sideburn are hosting an evening in Oxford in the company of David Aldana, legendary American racer and flat track specialist – and you can catch him racing at the Oxford speedway the following evening (see the rather lovely poster above).

If anything can rekindle your urge to get back on that bike, then a double wammy of subculture like this may be just the thing.