Now, here at the Inlux we don’t like to follow the crowd. And the crowd in terms of global car culture has been going collectively ape of late over the media launch of Lamborghini’s latest stellar creation, the Aventador.

But sometimes you have to acknowledge that Lamborghini really have produced an all-time conquering hero in this car. In fact, it seems to defy such a banal characterisation – and I’m not going to even true to come up with some superlative neologism (there’s an interesting phrase) about this seven hundred horsepower, fluid-seamed piece of design wonder.

The two videos below (despite the over-the-top soundtrack) really capture the dynamic design. It’s as if the deconstructed lines of the car meld into the road and the landscape through which it passes – in much the same way as that classic opening scene in the Italian Job, where the Miura is threaded through the Alps, thereby defining a particular era of aspirational motor-lust.

These viral videos – part of the hugely expensive and expansive campaign that has promoted the launch of the Aventador- really highlight how powerful digitally disseminated, HD moving image is in capturing something so fundamentally out of the reach of the average punter as to be laughable.

Hardly any of is will ever get to drive an Aventador – let alone own one. But the way it has been put out in to the marketplace at leasts makes us feel that we understand it.

You can’t help but feel an affinity with a thing of such power and beauty presented with such care.

And that’s the genius of Lamborghini’s relatively new-found inner workings.


2 Responses to “Aventador!”

  1. the music is a bit OTT, but the car looks awesome. Looks right on the streets of Rome, don’t think it would look the same in Hull !!!!