Springsteen: The Boss (of flat track).

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cool footage of AMA flat track champ Jay Springsteen

We don’t claim to be aficionados of AMA racing, far from it. Our only knowledge of AMA racing is from a bunch of images and films. But every time we discover a fresh batch of AMA stuff, particularly from the 1970s, we fall in love with the atmosphere, the texture and the racing we see.

We came across this great footage from a TV documentary of Jay Springsteen, who was, apparently The Boss of the dirt track bit of AMA in the seventies.

We love the look of flat track bikes in themselves – seeming for all intents and purposes the essence of the grown up toy. That sit-up-and-beg stance, the semi-knobby tires and the low long profile. Perfect for a short-distance blast around many a British neighbourhood – particularly in the winter, of course, when road conditions and meteorology conspire against those pristine road machines that get dusted out on sunny summer weekends.

The non-pretentiousness of flat track machines is a massive part of their appeal, too. Stick with this 30-minute edit long enough to check out the sheer character of the riders and we reckon you’ll be aching for a machine and a time like these. Flat track is blue collar racing at its best. And AMA in the seventies was where it found its purest expression.



One Response to “Springsteen: The Boss (of flat track).”

  1. AlmostaCowboy

    Thanks for posting. Brought back lots of great memories. Springer was a few years younger than me, so I never raced against him (fortunately for me).