Derringer Cycles


Images Adrian Van Anz/Derringer.

We’re moped fans. They’re cheap, fun and quick, and if you live in a sunny environment like southern California they make more sense than a smart car.
And while moped is usually a cypher for all that is terminally uncool, there’s no tangible reason why there has to be something geekily anti-stylish about them.
This is wear Derringer cycles come in.

The person behind Derringer is a Santa Monica native and industrial designer by the name of Adrian Van Anz.

The bike-crazy Van Anz realised a few years ago that light motorised bikes just might be the perfect form of transportation for Angelinos – residents of a city where you not only can you turn right on a red, but is almost permanently mild and sunny.

But rather than stick to the functional form of the European moped, this Californian decided to base his new designs on board track racers of the 1920s.

But while the original, hugely popular form of racing featured permanently opened throttles and little or no braking facilities, these cool little beasts make small concessions to safety. They’ve got brakes and everything.

A custom Derringer has a top end of a less than adrenalin-pumping 35mph – but apparently have a lot of torque and reach terminal velocity quickly.

Now we just need a plane ticket…