Dickie Davies Digs the Escort

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We’ve been a little obsessive about paying homage to ITV’s brilliant World of Sport magazine show, which graced many a wintry British saturday afternoon from the late sixties to the mid eighties. It was in the heart of the seventies, though, when the show really came into its own, before the bidding war for rights over mainstream sporting events reached ridiculous levels of cost.

But the superb onboard and outboard clip above, in which an Escort Mk 1 is teased assertively around Jarama by a fella called John Fitzpatrick, will evoke the sort of excellent, seldom seen sports footage that was aired on that most progressive of TV formats.

It’s worth watching the clip through to the end to see Dickie’s trademark caddish delivery and his polyester flares (almost, but not quite part of a safari suite ensemble). Nice.

Surely it’s time to start the “Bring Back World of Sport” campaign?

Clip via the always excellent and insprational Good Old Valves.