We Love American GTs


We’re always amazed, here at Influx towers, how creative photography can tease out unexpected perspectives for cars that we believe we know intimately.

Take the shot of the GT40 MK 11, for example, taken by the very talented Boyd Jaynes.

We never realised that the ultimate fast Ford could be rendered with so much sensitivity: and that despite its fabled speed, power and GT dominnce, that the car could look so pretty from the rear three quarters.

It seems that Caroll Shelby new a thing or two about design as well as engineering.

And if there was a purely beautiful bit of Shelby engineered racing loveliness, it had to be the Shelby Daytona (below). The Daytona was based upon the AC Cobra’s chassis, but featured an incredibly pretty and slippery looking body that took it to a number of GT class wins in the mid-to-late-sixties.

There’s something about the American attack on European GT racing at the end of the sixties that was brash, heroic and worth delving deep into the archive for…


One Response to “We Love American GTs”

  1. Dangerousdave

    Pretty sure that whilst the GT40 was commisioned by Ford US it was designed and built in the UK (at least initially) by Lola.