Exner Valiant


Pretty undecided here at Influx Towers about what we actually think about this. Love? Hate? Indifference?

Not being ones to sit on the fence, we’re going to have to sit on the fence.

There’s something just so wrong about re-creating a 60s concept in the 21st century- and the lines of it look a little ugly. But in essence, we can’t help but love that someone has been arsed to do it at all.

This thing is a ‘1960 Plymouth XNR’, was designed and built by one Virgil Exner Sr. and was, according to the webs, built on a Valiant chassis, we’re thinking they might mean a Chrysler Valiant, but cannot be sure.

It doesn’t touch many of the Bertone-penned yank concepts of the era for pure brilliance and audacity – but there’s something quirkily appealing about it’s pretence to reference Euro classics like the D-Type in its finned rear three-quarters.