Lotus Europa


It was light, had it’s engine just behind the driver’s seats and looked if you squinted like a breadvan kit car from the future. But the original Lotus Europa holds a place close to our hearts because, rather than despite it’s eccentric looks.

The low drag factor and the svelte weight meant that despite it’s relatively small engine, it was apparently a joy to fling around.

Our favourite of course, is the pictured late ‘type 74’ Europe that came with a 1600 Lotus-Ford twin cam engine (the earlier editions had renault engines) and the natty John Player Special black and gold trim to honour F1 World titles in 72 and 73.

This baby came with a top end of over 120 MPH and a pullaway of around 7 seconds. That low to the ground and weighing only about three quarters of a metric tonne, it would have been a blast.

We’d love to hear from any proud owners out there.



3 Responses to “Lotus Europa”

  1. Buzz87lee

    Absolutely beautiful example of a 70 sports machine. I had a picture on my bedroom wall and dreamed of having,driving one. Where are the cars today like this ?

  2. Alfredgomm

    I can’t remember anything about the technical details but we use to see two racing type Europe’s in the Gold Leaf Team Lotus colours at Silverstone in I think the Seventies.
    Just seeing this page reminded me of those great times, I use to really enjoy Sport car racing and those cars were really pretty and as you say very nimble And I don’t mean the bread!!
    I know Lotus has been reborn but if you saw the cars in those days when Lotus was Lotus it was Great!!
    However I must say also that all the new Lotus cars look and I’amsure are very exciting cars to drive.

  3. Tony Cave

    Lucky me ….I had a 1972 Lotus Europa in yellow for about 6 years in the 1970s.Huge fun to drive with unbelievable roadholding .