Long Live the Kings


We’ve been following our friends at Blitz Motorcycles for a while now.

They’ve grown adept – not only at building nice looking bikes – but presenting them and their lifestyles with a certain panache.

No surprise then, that the latest cinematic flick that’s been doing the rounds lately is very nice indeed.

There’s a strangeness at the heart of the work, though.

It’s an off-kilter cultural mashup that astounds and confuses – are these European cats traversing the rockies or the Alps? Are these guys winding through the Pyrenees or the Sierras – over mountain and into the desert and on and on and on?

Not that it matters, of course.

The film below evokes the beauty of a road trip beautifully – out there in the wind, on the road, with no destination but The Now fixed firmly in the mind.