Ferris Fest and a Ferrari

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Chicago gathering celebrates 1980s teen flick and a Ferrari California Spyder

This festival malarky has gone a little bonkers.

And none more so than Ferris Fest. Yes, this is a gathering dedicated the unlikely cult of the 1986 teen film by John Hughes, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.

Or is it that unlikely?

At the heart of the flick is the gobsmackingly gorgeous Ferrari California Spyder – from either 1961 or 1963. It’s the centrepiece of the Bueller character’s obsession with cars. Or his lack of one, at least.


But nestled in amid the 1980s nostalgia is a yearning that unites all high school kids. Namely, to have adventures, preferably nefarious and illegal – and if it’s in your mate’s dad’s Ferrari all the better. As long as you get away with it of course.

It’s 30 years since Bueller messed around in full glare of the 1980s – and thus some sparky Illinoisan entrepreneurs have decided to throw a shindig to celebrate.

We’re just waiting for the Animal House excursion to Faber college.