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four vintage British thumpers that set the heart racing

We asked Anthony of Pembrokeshire Classics to name a small fistful of vintage motorcycles that would take pride of place in any aficionado’s dream garage. Not that he doesn’t have one of those already.

BSA Gold Star
BSA’s original Gold Star is like most desirable vintage British bikes, a 500cc, overhead-valved single. It does also come, like most other desirables, with an incredible Island race history, having absolutely dominated in its first couple of years competition.


Norton ’18’

The Norton 18 is another OHV Single – an incredibly light, very bouncy thumper. The looks of this vintage Norton are a throw-forward to postwar bike design. It is put together beautifully and dominates in the pre-war looks department.


AJS ‘Big Port’
Known by its trademark large, single exhaust port the AJS is a 350cc OHV single. This is a real ‘fire per lamp post’ monster of vintage bounce. You can’t help but love this flat tanker, which is again relatively light and had amazing longevity on the TT.


Brough Superior SS100
Talismanic. Historic. Beautifully engineered. The Brough’s most famous customer TE Lawrence (of Arabia) called it “a skittish motorcycle with a touch of blood in it,” This was one of eight Brough Superiors he owned in his lifetime. The one on which he was killed is held by the Imperial War Museum, and is estimated to be valued at around £1.5m. The Brough is the Monarch of British Vintage Bikes.

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  1. Nutstrangler

    Norton “Featherbed” International 500, Triumph “Tangerine Dream” Bonneville, BSA Rocket Gold Star, Matchless G80S….Happy with that !