Ferrari F12 Berlinetta Unveiled


We might have thought that the era of new V12 engines was way behind us – but the people at Maranello are having none if it. The new F12 Berlinetta, unveiled by Ferrari today, heralds an audacious new beginning – and the most powerful car to ever bear the badge.

Squint, of course, and you’ll see what appears to be a combination, aesthetically at least, of the FF ‘brake and the long-in-the-tooth 599 format – and there’s even a hint of the California‘s lovely flowing flank – but as always with a new Ferrari there’s a wealth of subtle styling innovations and a whole roster of new tech and architecture that makes the magic happen.

The front-mid engined layout is similar to the 599 and FF, but the whole deal has been hung differently, lightened and structurally bolstered using a trick ragbag of special metal. It’s slated to pull away to 100KM/h in 3.1 and to 200Km/h in a little over eight seconds – and Ferrari reckons it laps the Fiorano test track 1.23 seconds faster than any other production Ferrari ever built.

Being fans of the brand – as most of us are – we’re excited at the prospect of something approaching the ultimate Ferrari- but they keep on coming up with tech innovations that beguile us with their brilliance.

let’s see how it lands…


2 Responses to “Ferrari F12 Berlinetta Unveiled”

  1. vipertruck99

    am not a really big ferrari fan but this is definately an improvement on the 599,but really ferrari 0-60 in 3.1.not good enough.last 997 turbo 2.9 for what.. half the price.and anyone in the know will know that a 911 turbo is only a jumping off point,pretty much all of them will take a 50% power hike with no real please listen you need a car with 4wd (and i dont mean the dual gearbox thing in your new ff,i suspect this will be a warranty lottery for you),but what happened to your turbos??? 288 gto and f40 were both turbos and imho the best cars of the type in the era