Fiat Dino


Sometimes a street spot deserves a little more airtime than others. This Fiat Dino is such a street spot.

In the cold light of a Shoreditch afternoon the car looks shockingly other than this time and place. The car kind of slouches there nonchalantly, knowing it’s more stylish than anything surrounding it – including the custom bikes that are beginning these days to prowl this periphery of central London.

Apparently the Fiat version of the Dino was fitted with the V6 Ferrari engine that eventually went into the 206 and 246 GT Dino so that it could be homologated for Formula 2 racing.

The provenance of the Ferrari collab is one thing – but we think the pure, lovely balance of the Bertone body design (by our hero, Giugiaro) is the thing that really makes this car something special. The Spider version was penned by Pininfarina, for some reason – and we don’t think it’s half as pretty as its hard topped sibling.

This one, according to the lucky owner, is from 1968 – a fine era that produced so many of the most amazing cars of the postwar years. We love the little details like the intricately patterned front grill, and the Dino logo is the stuff of which graphic designers dreams are made.

Bravo Giorgetto!