Ferrari 308 GT4 Dino


cute and maligned Ferrari Dino still in reach....

There’s always been a lot of snobbery toward Ferrari’s GT4 ‘Dino’.

If you believe the Clarksonian dogma, it doesn’t even deserve the right to be called a Ferrari.

But we think that view is a load of old tosh.

Look at the lines. Look at the BB-like boca negra on the bottom of the front wedge. Look at the sculpted rear-window vent – that boxy rear end. Look at that classically upholstered interior.


This US spec GT4 looks the sort of tight, nippy runaround that would be eminently usable – especially in the dry canyons of California.

It may not be a wheezing full blooded V12, but with prices of those outreaching everyone but Oligarchs and property developers, the GT4 Dino is prettier than ever.

The GT4 was the first production Ferrari to feature the mid-engined V8 layout – the formula that the company would follow right up to the 458 Italia and beyond.

It was also the first production Ferrari that was designed by Bertone. You can see the period Bertone features ; there are angles rather than curves, more function than the pure aesthetic form championed by most Pininfarina designs – especially those of the 246GT – the original Dino.


The GT4 not only looked different to the older Dino. This car was fundamentally more practical – with more or less 360 degree visibility from the cabin, with no blind spots and a relatively comfortable seating position. It was a genuine 2+2. Even the engine compartment was easy to access.

Not so long ago you could pick one of these up for £10k.

That ship has definitely sailed but for £30-40K you can still get into the world of the prancing horse

– without having to resort to a Mondial, of course.