Five Favourite Engines


There is an completely human quality to the beauty possessed by engines. It’s obvious when you think about it. No matter how much Computer Aided Design and Digital Production techniques built into their realisation, they were conceived of in the imaginations of a man or a woman – they were penned by human hands and delivered according to industrial processes that represent the pinnacle of man’s resource-munching ingenuity.


The Honda McLaren V12: defined the art of Formula One during the early 1990s


Ferrari’s 4.3 litre V8: The pinnacle of the form?


Audi’s V10: took successful application in F1 racing and applied it to the street in the Gallardo and the R8


BMW Straight Six: Reliability and grunt from a Germanic classic


The Boxer: the Benz-patented push-pull configuration is a perennial, symmetrical beauty


3 Responses to “Five Favourite Engines”

  1. Diamonddave

    True these engines are beautiful feats of design and engineering but consider the chrysler 426 Hemi. A legendery engine available in many forms from the iconic Hemi Cudas and chargers in the 60s and 70s to the modern versions found in 300cs and super fast pick up trucks. Also not forgetting its the engine base of choice for top fuel dragsters, not many engines can be tuned to 8000hp and deliver performance of 0 to 100 mph in under 1 second whilst reaching 300mph in a 1/4 mile stretch

    about £60,000 will buy you a 500 ci 8000hp hemi that will need rebuilding after 2 miles thats what i call an engine!

  2. Vic Davis

    What about the Cosworth DFV? The genesis of all racing engines that followed.

  3. Rich Huxley

    Got to have the long lived Rover V8 in the top 5 surely, one of the most widely used engines around!!!