Mini Bikes


In the whole panoply of titchy two wheelers, a rag tag coterie of machines that these days includes MX-style pit bikes, simple kids crossers and even full race-spec superbikes in miniature, the traditional lawnmower-engined, fat wheeled minis of the sixties and seventies are our favourite.

Like many kids’ fads that turn out to have lasting resonance, they were popularised in the states, when the boom-time affluence of America enabled the generation of original postwar petrolheads to get their kids vibed on engine-propelled fun good and early.

But the classic minibike, and our personal favourite is of course, the Honda Monkeybike. There’s not a kid in the known universe who wouldn’t go mental at the prospect of finding one of these in santa’s sack.

Typically powered by engines with a displacement of between 50 amd 90 ccs, these small wheeled bundles of fun have created a world wide cult of undersized two wheeled fun. Check out the Monkey Runners for inspiration.

Images via MC Art