Inside Out


It might be that we’re getting old, or spending too much time in inferior cabins of late: but car interiors really seem to matter to us of late. Of course, out favourite interiors are usually direct analogues of our favourite all-round motors. But every now and then, there comes along a cabin that outstrips the quality of the car.

The 458’s super high tech contruction is reflected perfectly in its display. It might seem illogical to some, but we’ll take the progression for chance to drive the future.

On a more classic note the lounge of the Volvo p1800 smacked of Euro bohemianism. And we like that very much.

The Jag XJS interior, on the other hand, was a rakish piece of leather and walnut that was directly of its time and place.

One of our all-time faves was The Citroen SM’s vision of the techno future.