Future Classics


Did you see our future classics feature in issue 6? We selected 10 current-ish cars, which our experts think have the best chance of becoming a genuine future classic in years to come.

But, if you’re like me, you probably disagree with the choices our so called experts made, and here’s your chance to do something about it.

For starters you can vote on which of our choices you think is the most likely future classic in our poll, here are some pictures of our 10 to help you choose.



  • Most Likely Future Classic?



Second, you can suggest another car that you think should have made the list. So if you think the Rover 75 V8 is a steaming pile which is going to be outlasted and outloved by the Jaguar S Type, simply tell us as much in a comment on this post. And you can do likewise if you think that the Renault Avantime is a singularly pointless car that needs forgetting like a bad dream and replacing with a car that actually serves a purpose, like the Audi TT Mk1.

We’ll even see if we can come up with a small mystery prize for the best argued case for future classic status*, so get those thinking caps on.

A couple of rules to make it a bit more interesting:
1.) No out-and-out supercars or uber-luxury brands – cars with a Rolls-Royce or Ferrari badge can’t help but become classics – I’m looking for suggestions that anyone could aspire to.
2.) No ‘cult’ revivals, so new Mini, new Beetle and new Fiat 500 are all out – regardless of how great these cars are in themselves, their classic status is virtually guaranteed by their inspirational forebears.

*We’ll decide the winner at the end of October.