Black Alloys

The Beauty of Black Alloys.

Cars Culture

The Bentley GT Speed is the perfect platform for Automotive darkness.

It’s undeniable. Ebony paint jobs with black alloys look cool. It might seem a bit of an affectation, and you might be accused of wanting to play the Dark Knight. To roll with black 20s may even summon visions of subtly veiled automotive kinkiness. Context, no doubt, is everything. Try rocking the look on a your average lukewarm hatch, for example – or fail to to keep the wax clean and mean on the Audi Sportwagon and you’re likely to fall in everyone’s estimation. But take up the option on your Bentley GT Speed and it adds just the right dash of hooligan chic to your premiership-level pose. The inverse can be true. Back in the day the most desirable girls of Metropolitan Essex aspired collectively to the white-on-white Golf GTi Cabriolet along with power shoulders, teased peroxide and a date with George Michael. Does it follow, then, that white cars equate with femininity and black with all things masculine?