Audi A7 Driverless Car


It’s 2015. So where can we get a Marty McFly style Hoverboard? 

According to the film they should be a part of everyday life by now. But, fake videos apart, they remain elusive. Yet when it comes to the driverless car we’re well ahead of magical movie prediction machine. And if you love to drive they may be anathema to you, anyhow.

Remember ‘Jonny Cabs’ that got Arnie so riled up in Total Recall (in the real 1990 version)? That was set in 2084 and here we are 69 years earlier with real, working, and hopefully less annoying, robot cars that will drive themselves wherever you direct them.

There is the much talked about Google Car (retro fitted, Lexus, Prius et al) softwaring its way over the Golden Gate with that Cycloptian camera on the roof. Then there is the new Mercedes F015 ‘luxury in motion’ concept, which comes straight out of a shiny, utopian dreamscape.

On a more practical level Audi have just made an impressive entry into the field with a specially adapted A7 Sportback (3.0 TFSI Quattro), which has just successfully driven the 560 miles from Silicon Valley to Vegas- mainly on autopilot.

Importantly the lasers and sensors that Audi have used are all production ready, with many already being used in their current road cars. This is a not a car of the future. It is a car of the now.

And what’s more it looks good. No obtrusive camera jerry rigged to the roof and no annoying plastic man bleating banalities from the front seat…

So just lean back, put your feet on the dash and enjoy???