Audi Avus Quattro: Concept Car


The Audi Avus Quattro was revealed twenty years ago at the Tokyo Motor Show. It was probably Audi’s most radical concept; rocking a W12 engine that made 509 BHP. The company reckoned it would crack 210MPH and pull away to 100KPH in less than 3 seconds; it rolled on 20-inch rims and was made of super-light aluminium — exactly the sort of tech current in Audi’s endurance racers today. The very identity of the Avus concept drew on the glory days of modernist silver arrows from Auto Union and updated it for an era that heralded the 200MPH hypercars we know today.

Its brochure was a classic piece of Germanic automotive design (see above).

Whatever you think of outrageous concepts you’ve got to admire Audi’s derring-do, not to mention their undying commitment to technological innovation. The whole idea of making four powered corners mainstream can stem for this sort of risk-taking and passionate pursuit of the new.