Hedi Slimane’s Rolls Royce Corniche


Whilst in a particularly patriotic mood last week and putting together our Brit theme (this has nothing to do with the football, we should add), we stumbled across the beautiful shots of Hedi Slimane’s 1985 Rolls Royce Corniche.

The renowned fashion designer and photographer shot the car for London based fashion and arts magazine Dazed – and got his mate, LA record producer and artist Beck, to record the engine note. Couldn’t grab the soundtrack, but we wanted to share the pictures with you.

Having had to reverse carefully recently in a beautiful Somerset lane on a beautiful June day to avoid besmirching the latest Rolls,The Ghost we couldn’t help feeling a bit of nationalistic stirring -despite the fact that the company is now, of course, owned by BMW.

Cue Elgar’s swelling strings. Cue lusciously composed images of this Green And Pleasant Land. Cue Capello’s bootcamp boys exiting the World Cup ignominiously against Slovenia. Or not.

Once more unto the breach Engerland.


2 Responses to “Hedi Slimane’s Rolls Royce Corniche”

  1. Paul Hewitt

    Beautiful. I had the great fortune to visit the factory at Goodwood on business last year and I must say a very impressive operation. Each car is like a work of art with such attention to detail and the amazing variation that can be applied from the hand made wood veneer to customer's own logo stitched into the seats. If anything it seems BMW have brought the best of German production and quality systems and combined it with the traditional art of building a roller.