Honda Classics: Motorbike Spotting with Mel Tormé

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mid-century bike spotting with a lesser known king of cool

Cool cats come in all sorts of flavours.

And the very notion of cool floats and ebbs and flows and morphs over time. Mel Tormé here, for example, sometime in the mid-fifties in a tux and patent leather shoes, gathers around him a coterie of gowned beauties (or are they brides?) – but more importantly for this parish – some amazing classic motorcycles.

We’re not sure which brands are represented here – but we think we can see the flying wing of the Honda brand there on the machine Mel drives away on. And whichever creator or dealer supplied the bikes for this stunningly well-thought-out routine – there’s plenty of period bathtub-style bodywork out there.

See if you can spy the makes, models and capacities for us –

We’ll meantime simply enjoy Mel’s mellifluous tones.