Honda City


Now, we don’t think we’re being particularly perverse in being fascinated by the obscure, rare and unknown cars that beach on our journeys around the world. A prime example is this unassuming street spot. Apparently, and according to its name badge on the rear end, it is a Honda City. Stick it into Google’s maw and you’ll be directed to a whole raft of cars from the Honda brand – but none of them looking like this.

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In this situation you look for the usual clues of course. The number plate (Where is THAT from…is it a bog standard English F-Reg with an unusual plate set-up?); the dealer label (North Shore Honda ph:444…something [?]) and any other telltale marks, interior hints that will tell us where this thing comes from. In this case, we can find nothing. All we know is it looks like a Metro, it is made by Honda, and it originates from the early eighties.

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At the heart of the conundrum is a question: why would ANYONE bother to import a car so nondescript as this? Maybe there are more car perverts out there than we can account for. Ideas please.

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