Honda Trail 90


Honda’s gazillion-selling small bike the C90, loved by the families of Ho Chi Minh city as much as London cabbies ‘doing the knowledge’ is of course, one the most popular motorised vehicles ever marketed.

We’ve got a soft spot for the Super Cub, as it’s also known occasionally. They’re easy to ride, fun and inexpensive – and now the design is glossed with the kind of cool that comes as a reaction to the ubiquity of full-fairinged scooters dreamt up in CAD studios.

But we’re digging the C90 lesser-selling, more windswept, rugged and interesting cousin the CT90.

The Trail 90 is basically a toughened up trailster version of the C90, with requisite knobblies, a sturdy, scrambler style raised exhaust and other bits and pieces that makes it perfect for the sort of light offroad duty that your average fisherman, hunter or gun-totting foxy female might require. Ah-hem.

We’re students, of course, of vehicle marketing. Not sure if there will ever be another campaign that intertwines guns, little scooters and sexy chicks. Shame.