How to Strip and Rebuild


I cannot lie. I’m fascinated by engines. As a kid I used to love to read car manuals. To this day I love to poke a spanner around the various vehicles that litter my life, pretending to be all manly and capable. But in reality, I’m a klutz.

It’s all I can do to keep my pushbike in reasonable fettle, let alone the internally combusted motors that pass in and out of our family’s hands in various states of worthiness.

So, when I stumbled across this video this morning I was stoked and excited. I can even tell myself every now and then that I can understand most of what is going on here. But in reality, it simply looks balletic.

If I was in charge of such an operation the soundtrack would be more Violent Femmes than Grieg.

And what car is this? A Vitesse? A GT6?