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A lot of people out there are understandably dubious about the connections between car culture and fashion.

This video, though, is really worth a look. Donwan Harrell is a car nut and creator of PRPS, a high end jean brand out of the states. And the video, scored Via Highsnobiety and The Slevedge Yard this week, brings out how car culture has in fact informed the designer’s passions and crystallised in Japanese spun Selvedge denim.

It’s a bit of a stretch, sometimes, to draw parallels between cultural forms as vastly opposed to all things greasy and automotive and the perceived, fey, fickle and transient world of the catwalk.

So often ‘Fashion’ as a business exploits subcultures, little scenes of passionate friends engaged in whatever pursuit floats their boat – in order simply to sell the look and feel of the obsession to the rank and file of the mainstream.

PRPS seems to be a little bit different.


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  1. disgruntled

    seems a bit of a phoney to me, a cherub with splinter?