Impossibly Cool

People Culture

There is a constellation of blogs out there, particularly in the Tumblrsphere, chucking out content onto the web, whose sole purpose seems to be seeking to define what that strange word actually means. Cool. We can’t claim to have the answer to the question any more definitively than anyone else. But there’s something about creativity and poise. Something about achievement and ease with ones self, the world and its creations – that somehow gives meaning to so loose and vague a term.

The secret, of course, has also to do with the way this way of being in the world is presented. The way a person or a thing is photographed makes a heap of difference to the way that image is perveived and consumed. And of all the collections of cool people and things, The Impossible Cool is one of our favourites.

And it’s interesting also, to not how often cars appear next to these cool people. As vectors of everything in modern design, cars bring a myriad of threads together and help define cultural aesthetics. Put them cheek-by-jowl with a cool human being and you have a doublly powerful whammy.

Here’s a few of our favourite steals from TIPC.