How to Look Cool in a Car…

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jean-paul belmondo_godard

It’s hard to refute the assertion that Jean Paul Belmondo looked damn cool in Jean Luc Godard’s 1965 road movie Pierrot Le Fou. The film is is one of those obscure but influential pieces of New Wave cinema that is scarcely name checked these days – though it beats many a better known road movie in pure, unadulterated cinematic style.

Belmondo plays a typically gallic existential outlaw who goes on the run with delectable Anna Karina from Paris to the Med – a coterie of thuggish villains after the pair at every turn. Classic japes with a uniquely elegant edge _ and one that directly inspired Bonnie and Clyde – perhaps the most famous Hollywood version of the lover-on-the-road-commiting-crime genre. If such a thing actually exists.

The question remains for all you Francophile petrolheads: what is the car Jean-Paul is driving?


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