Indonesia’s Scooter Extremists


photographs: Ed Wray /HUCK magazine

The fine folks at HUCK MAGAZINE managed to scoop us on a freaky greasy scene we haven’t heard of this week.

Their latest issue contains a great piece on – of all things – the custom scooter scene of Jakarta, Indonesia.

Photographer Ed Wray who created the piece, has been documenting the lives and rides of these cats for a while now- who chop-drop, paint and mutate old scooters, turning them into more than the sum of their mental parts.

We’re loving the unselfconscious style of these guys. Their scooters obviously mean much more to them than a simple means of getting fram A to B.They’ve carved a corner of their own vital culture out of the scraps they’ve been left.

Bravo to the scooterists of Indo – and Huck magazine for bringing them to our attention…