Jaguar Design at Clerkenwell


If you were lucky enough to find yourself at Clerkenwell Design Week recently, you would have been treated to a delicious display of the celebrated new design ethos of Jaguar. The centrepiece of the show was the one-off C-X75 concept car – and the show itself documented the process from the first sketch to production through a bespoke art installation designed and produced by the Jaguar design team.

“We want to explain to people the art of creating a car,” Hugo Nightingale, Senior Designer at Jaguar told press. “In some companies car design is a technical, cold process. At Jaguar it is about emotion, artistry and craftsmanship.”

“Clerkenwell Design Week is the perfect environment for us to present the C-X75 to the design world”… he continued… “it gave us the opportunity to explain how its existence was founded on a desire to continue Jaguar’s design philosophy of flowing lines, purity of form and bespoke luxury for years to come.”

The installation revealed insights into the car design process, the journey including sketchwork, material elements and full-size clay models.

For Jaguar the C-X75 is the study that will inform all of the brand’s forthcoming products – which will distill this urge to create beautiful cars that are usable and marketable too.

Sounds like a plan to us.

Jag’s talismanic design director Ian Callum said “The C-X75 is everything a Jaguar should be. It possesses remarkable poise and grace yet at the same time has the excitement and potency of a true supercar. You could argue this is as close to a pure art form as a concept car can get.”

The current lineup of Jags has breathed a whole new waft of energy into the perennially attractive Jaguar brand – and this new design ethos is a major element in the recent turnaround in the fortunes of the Jaguar Land Rover group’s fortunes.