Jaguar 13 + 75


A few years ago we had the pleasure of meeting legendary Jaguar development engineer Norman Dewis. This is the man responsible for the shakedown of many of the most incredible British cars ever made – and some of the out and out most beautiful and successful production cars and racers ever to grace a piece of tarmac.

You can read about our encounter with Norman and the then new Jaguar XF in issue 5 of our print mag here.

For some reason, we never saw this beautiful little Dunhill-produced video last year at the time of the Jaguar XC75’s release. Take a look. it gives a really great insight into the process of Jaguar design, and Norman Dewis and Ian Callum’s collaboration in that process.

What makes car designs that last and become classics is that sort of continuity between form, function, belief and ethos.

We reckon Jaguar’s renaissance of late owes a lot to this. Enjoy and celebrate something that makes us proud to be British!

Cue Elgar.


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  1. Johncastle1

    Fantastic!  Thank you Influx Magazine.  John Castle. Woking Surrey.

  2. Jackdoran37

    Jack Doran Horbury Very good articules of a fabulous range of iconic cars JAGUAR