Dress up and Drag!


We approach the whole bike thing as a bit of a giggle. What’s not to love – in a boyish, stupid sense of fun kind of way – about riding on a bike with an engine?

Sometime there seems to be so much serious-headedness and geeky reductionism in bike culture. There’s the safety fetishism, the speedster retro cool – the greasy machismo and retro mysticism and the died-in-the-leather tribalism.

So much rubbish stacked to the horizon.

Strip it all away and what’s left is the simple lark that is buzzing around on a motorbike.

Our friends down under at Deus Ex Machina seem to share this expansively simple view of what’s cool about bikes.

Go to Bali. Dress up stupid. Ride old bikes in light-hearted races.

Nuff said.