James Coburn


the Hollywood gearhead who made beautiful motors look even better...

Of all the tough guys that Hollywood as ever produced, James Coburn was one of the toughest.

And he of course had an incredible taste in cars. It’s common knowledge that soon-to-be-anointed supremo of mainstream UK car culture Chris Evans bought the 250 California Ferrari that the actor owned for £5m. It’s probably one of the greatest pieces of car business ever.

Lord knows how much this car would raise these days.

Whatever oligarch-level of budget you might have for a piece of modern automotive art like this, Coburn was one of the guys that looked the part – and whichever car he showed up in – be it the California, the 250 GT Lusso or astride his Husqvarna dirt bike – the piece of steel seemed simply to compliment the rugged steeze he carried with him at all times.

According to the webs Coburn’s interest in fast cars began with his father’s garage business.  In a lifelong hollywood career intertwined with highest levels of auto culture Coburn is reckoned to have turned Steve MCQueen on to the joy of Ferrari after he starred with the king of cool in The Great Escape.

Put Chris Evans next to the car, and the car doesn’t look as good.

It’s a horrible reality that you can’t buy the simple steeze that Coburn was heir to.

Not that we’re envious or anything, of course.