Lamborghini Urraco


Lamborghini may have conceived the Urraco as a competitor to Ferrari and Maserati’s entry level supercars, but we reckon it’s a much more strikingly unique car than either the Dino or the Merak.

Released at the 1970 Turin show, the Urraco was drawn by Marcello Gandini for Bertone, and you can see the trademark raised wedge and louvred details that made that coach house such a distinct aesthetic force in the seventies. It wasn’t available for sale until 1973, which put the house of the raging bull at a bit of a disadvantage against its rivals.


While the Dino is arguably a prettier car and the Merak, as a lighter, more svelte and affordable version of the Bora, a burly beauty in its own right, there was something uniquely dashing about the Lamborghini Urraco that makes it eminently desirable.

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