Lamborghini Countach


Ok, so it’s probably true. Everything that can be said about Lamborghini’s Countach has been said. It was always the most outrageously styled production car – and it was always the Top Trump superstar that had kids of the seventies and eighties drooling. We’ve said before that the Ferrari 512BB was a dignified counterpoint to the Countach’s madman lines. But every now and then, even after all these years, you see an angle – a design detail – that reminds you how ridiculously bold and brilliant the Bertone design really was.

Our favourite remains the early cars – the LP400s whose smooth lines were increasingly edged, scalped and cut away as the car evolved from the mid seventies into the eighties. The excessive bulges, wings and colour coded touches of the later models for us detracted from the initial design inspiration of Marcello Gandini (or was it Giugiaro!)

The fact though, that over 40 years on this design will stop little boys of every age in their tracks is testament to the Countach’s brilliance. Hail.


5 Responses to “Lamborghini Countach”

  1. vipertruck99

    not being hypercritical,but you have seemingly been defeated,as i have, in looking for any decent images of a countach on the web.every seemingly nice thumbnail turns out to be a replica,or has a dodgy background,or is out of focus.seemingly this car was only ever photographed by athena in the 80s.remember you could  have any one of hundreds of countachs on a poster….i am beginning to think this car never actually existed.i think there could be something in my theory.if you bounce onto youtube there are about the same 5 cars,none driving and only one even started.maybe all countachs returned to their home planet in 1989

  2. Nah, I know three Countachs still in regular use just around Glasgow, let alone around the UK. I have a friend who still drives his Countach QV regularly. It’s a thing of jaw-dropping beauty.

  3. Michael

    Hey Viper…we appreciate your comments! And indeed the Countach is something of a mythical beast; but having had the privilege of driving an LP400 is California couple of years ago, I can confirm they exist. I reckon however, Mr Gandini may have had some celestial influence in the design of the thing. 

  4. vipertruck99

    in a previous employ happily drove a diablo,murcielago,and more than a few gallardos.never ever did get my hands on a my hands on many exotics,cobras,xjr15,288gto,2x f40,enzo, was the countach i wanted.diablo sv was nice though..when it eventually started.everything about it was electric except the gearbox which was of military grade.maybe i didnt get the oil hot enough?

  5. vipertruck99

    could well believe it,i am right between edinburgh and glasgow and can tell you there are no nice cars in edinburgh,there are some hidden away but they never see the daylight.edinburgh is too po faced.and dont spend money in the first place.glasgow however i would not be surprised to see anything.even the lowliest ned in the street celebrates a nice car.a more car friendly city too (more people friendly any time i am in aberdeen,i feel inadequate in any of my pretty nice cars..thats the oil money for you.