Lamborghini LP570 Super Trofeo 2013


Now, when you had your adolescent dreams of being a boy racer, you might well have pictured this.

Yes, Lamborghini have revealed a radical bunch of new tech – which amount to an amazingly phat new look – for their Super Trofeo customer race series.

If you’re in the league of Silver Foxes and Billionaires that can afford such a luxury – or if you want to get involved in a bit of glamourous motor sport – we suggest you give the boys at Sant Agata a bell.

The Gallardo LP570-4 Super Trofeo receives a significant aero kit upgrade which apparently produces a 120% improvement in its aerodynamic efficiency compared to its predecessor. That’s quite a lot.

So. If HUGE amounts of downforce is what floats your driving boat guess what? You have a new object of desire. Happy Friday.