Land Rover Hot Rod


two of our favourite things - Land Rover and a hot rod aesthetic – collide in the middle of London....

All images Via Larry Chen/Speedhunters

When we spotted this Land Rover hot rod recently on the excellent SPEEDHUNTERS we thought we had to share.

The Land Rover has been a talisman since its inception after the war – but since the last Defender rolled off the line in Solihull, the love has been reaching saturation – and dealers on forecourts have been putting forward their remaining stock and adding a tasty increment to the asking price.

This outlaw Landy may have some of you cringing – but for us it represents all that is good about the British automotive legend.

Hot Rodding, after all, strips any car down to its essentials and augments its inherent qualities. In our opinion the Outlaw is a genuine homage.


The grille of this Landy is a 1948 Series 1 job, and the rest of the front end is a Frankenstein’s Monster with bits and pieces taken from subsequent editions. It’s obviously been assaulted with the grinder and the welder with something approaching reckless abandon – but we think it screams creativity. And it’s making our family series 3 look all the more ripe for Rodding.

According to SH the owner of this bare-faced beauty is a long time Somerset farmer – appropriately committed to the joys of the Land Rover through his rural heritage.

“The thing I love most about it is just using it” the owner told Speedhunters. “Just driving it, in any weather and at any time of the year, be it just to go to the Post Office or visit friends in London, or to pick stuff up from the DIY store – normal everyday things. I get the most joy from being behind the wheel and using it as and when I feel like it.

Not for any reason, just because I can.”