Le Mans 2011


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With the great weekend at la Circuit La Sarthe almost upon us there’s little we’d love to do more than pull up the deep buttoned man- chair up close to the ‘tube, stack a case of fine claret and some fruits of the delicatessen, and gorge on the ultimate endurance event of motorsport.

Problem is, as with most forms of top-level racing, designs and sponsorship liveries have tended to meld into one colourful mass – and it has become more and more tricky to I-D your Astons from your Audis, your Porsches from your prancing horses. Especially at night. Especially eighteen hours into your marathon endurance armchair session.

So the kind folk from Nissan have offered these spotter’s guides to make life a little easier – and if you are like us nerdish about things graphic and car-shaped, we think you’ll agree that they look pretty beautiful in an aesthetic kind of way, even if you stripped away the use value.

Let’s raise a toast to the most famous single motor race on the planet!


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