Porsche @ Le Mans 2014


Top level motorsport is poorer without the involvement of works teams.

That’s why we were gutted when Honda, Toyota and BMW pulled out of F1.

And that’s why it sits uncomfortably with us that an F1 team with the name of an energy drinks company is running away with the title this year.

The wider automotive world needs companies that are making road cars involved in motoring’s cutting edge so that the trickle down effect of tech and aesthetic becomes bedded into mainstream car culture.

When they pull out the opposite happens. Look at Honda’s discontinuation of the sublime NSX and the super fun S2000. Look at Toyota’s blandified lineup. Look at BMW’s stultified development of new, exciting products these last few years.

So when we received word today that Porsche will be entering a fully developed works team at Le Mans in three years’ time, it made our hearts leap.

Surely the most successful team in the history of the 24 Hours needs to be there competing against the likes of Audi, Peugeot and Aston.

Not only does it put Porsche right at the heart of where they need to be, it throws down a gauntlet to your Ferraris and your Fords and any other global manufacturer who want to achieve true credibility.

Step up to the plate. Don’t just trade on memories and spurious ideas of ‘heritage’.

Bravo Porsche. May you make history anew.