Lego X Toyota Land Cruiser

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Vote for a superb FJ40 Toyota Land Cruiser Lego proposal!

Do you reckon Lego should make a production version of this amazing little classic Toyota Land Cruiser?

Of course you do. And you can vote for it here.

The Land Cruiser model project, made from over 1,700 individual pieces, was the idea of Matthew Inman, who apparently had a 40-series Land Cruiser as his first car.

Bet he wishes he still had it.

We’re big fans of Land Cruiser – especially of course the 40-series, nice examples of which are going for silly money.

If the proposal gets over 10,000 votes, the plans goes in front of a panel who will decide whether to press forward with production, which will add the totemic 4×4 to an elite list of licensed car models on the Lego roster. At the moment, there’s a mini and a VW Kombi available.

Someone surely should propose a Land Rover.